Buskop, Wendy

Buskop, Wendy
The Buskop Law Firm
Wendy Buskop
4511 Dacoma Street
Houston, TX

An Patent and Trademark Law Firm handling patents and trademarks for: Mechanical Devices, Software Programs, Medical Devices, Chemical Inventions, Sub-Sea Matters, Vessels, Rigs, Oil and Gas, Valves, Meters and Gauges.
U.S. and Foreign PATENTS (Provisional Applications, Utility Applications and Design Applications)
* Preparation and Handling of U.S. Patent Applications (design & utility and business ethods patents)
 * Preparation and/or Handling of International Applications
 * Responses to Office Actions
TRADEMARKS (Actual Use and Intent to Use)
* Drafting & Prosecuting Applications
 * Coordinating Foreign Trademark Procurement
 * Handling Trademark Oppositions
 * Review of Design Logos
 * Negotiating Concurrent Use Agreements
* The Preparation of Applications For Copyright Registration
 * Advice on Avoiding Copyright Infringement
 * Instruction on How to Prepare Applications For Copyright     Registration For Clients to Do It Themselves
Creation of Intellectual Property
* Creation of Trademark Strategies for Companies
 * Creating Patent Strategies
Secrecy (Confidentiality) Agreements
 Software Licenses
 Technical consulting Agreements
 Employee Trade Secret Agreements
 Technical Services, Engineering and Design, Joint Research and Development, and Joint Venture Agreements
 Work-For-Hire Agreements
 Software Development Agreements
 Licenses and Sublicenses
Trade Secrets Education
 In-House (on-site) Intellectual Property Management
 Educational Programs for Employees, Vendors, Contractors on Intellectual Property
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